Fact Sheet Building Economic Growth and Inclusion Together
Insights from a Dialogue among Bosch Alumni Network Members from the US and Europe
Kathryn Reynolds, Martha Fedorowicz
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City leaders typically think about improving economic growth and improving inclusion and social cohesion as two separate challenges, often with economic development as a precondition to other social goals. Under this logic, a city or region would need to grow first; then, low-income or historically excluded residents could benefit from that growth—through job access, improved services and safety nets, or direct redistribution. However, the Urban Institute’s research on inclusive recovery in US cities concludes that more inclusive cities—measured by both income and racial equality—are economically healthier. And, cities that improve economically tend to improve on racial and economic inclusion. This evidence suggests a need to rethink economic development through strategies that enable all residents, especially historically excluded groups, to contribute to growth. On September 13, 2019, the Urban Institute and the Bosch Alumni Network hosted a one-day workshop in Berlin, Germany to compare inclusive economic growth strategies among US and European stakeholders. The workshop exposed participants to new ideas for improving social cohesion and economic growth together and explored policy levers that stakeholders can use to create inclusion in their home communities.

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