Research Report Building beyond Policing: A Case Study of Eden Night Live in Alameda County, California
Cameron Okeke
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Key takeaway: How community parties have helped California sheriffs rethink public safety

Abstract: This report describes how the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office used Eden Night Live, a community festival and pop-up marketplace, to creatively reimagine and rebuild community-police relations in Ashland/Cherryland. Through interviews with officers, community members, and staff, this case study examines how artistic performance, community participation, and community-based economic development can build local commerce, foster community cohesion, and change perceptions of public safety.

Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety Economic mobility and inequality Nonprofits and philanthropy Neighborhoods, cities, and metros Children and youth
Tags Employment Economic well-being Arts and culture Delinquency and crime Policing and community safety Job opportunities Public and private investment Youth employment and training Community and economic development Neighborhoods and youth development Creative placemaking
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center Justice Policy Center