Building and Launching Tiny Homes as Permanent Supportive Housing

Research Report

Building and Launching Tiny Homes as Permanent Supportive Housing

Outcomes Study for Housing First Village in Bozeman, Montana


This report is the second and final installment of a two-year study focused on the development of Housing First Village, a tiny home community built to house people experiencing chronic homelessness in Bozeman, Montana. This report documents the final program design and service model development between September 2020 and September 2021, leading up to the November 2021 opening for the tenants of the community’s first 12 units. It covers securing partners, finalizing housing design and site layout, identifying and recruiting prospective tenants, coordinating and accessing supportive services, and financing. Each section also provides a baseline assessment of how the program performed at launch across five key aspects of program quality. Lastly, partner reflections and recommendations provide insights for other organizations and communities considering a similar program. Because tenants did not begin moving into homes until November 1, 2021, this report does not focus on resident outcomes related to housing stability or health.

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