Research Report Bridging Research and Practice: A Handbook for Implementing Research-Informed Practices in Juvenile Probation
Samantha Harvell, Teresa Derrick-Mills, Chloe Warnberg, Megan Russo, Constance Hull, Andreea Matei, Mary K. Winkler, Hanna Love, Janeen Buck Willison, Akiva Liberman
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This handbook outlines strategies to help juvenile probation practitioners align policy and practice with research to promote better outcomes for their agencies and youth. It addresses key implementation tasks that can help probation agencies prepare to transition to – or more fully implement – a research-informed approach, integrate that approach throughout their systems and culture, and sustain the change for the long-term. Reflection questions, publicly-available tools, and real-world examples are included to help practitioners bring research-informed practice to life.




Changing Practice in Juvenile Probation Fact Sheets

Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety
Tags Corrections Juvenile justice Community supervision
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population