Brief Better Data for Better Policy: The Coleridge Initiative in Tennessee
Leveraging the Applied Data Analytics Training for Expansion and Policy Impact
Daniel Kuehn
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This brief describes the experiences of Tennessee as a state partner of the Coleridge Initiative, a nonprofit organization that collaborates with federal, state, and local government agencies to build capacity to improve research and policy by providing a platform to securely link confidential microdata within and across states and agencies and by offering training classes to agency staff. This is the second of three briefs on the experiences of the Coleridge Initiative and its partners. Tennessee is one of the Coleridge Initiative’s most recent state partners and completed its first training in October 2021, after joining with neighboring states to participate in the Southern Regional Data Collaborative, a multistate organization focused on promoting regional data sharing and developing data governance practices. Tennessee partners found strong communication with Coleridge Initiative staff was essential for successful training. The Coleridge Initiative provided guidance on who to invite to trainings, strategic teaming, and partnering advice, and how to manage teams’ data products.

Research Areas Workforce
Tags Community data use Employment and income data Higher education Postsecondary education and training Evidence-based policy capacity
Policy Centers Income and Benefits Policy Center
States Tennessee
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