Brief Best Practices in Employment to Inform an Equitable COVID-19 Recovery
Shayne Spaulding, Madeleine Sirois
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The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting recession have had dramatic effects on the workforce, labor market, and employers. The pandemic created unprecedented challenges and exacerbated existing inequities, especially for Black, Latinx, and many immigrant communities. Washington, DC, a diverse and vibrant metropolis that is also our nation’s capital, saw unemployment rise to 11.1 percent during the peak of job loss, with higher rates for Black and Latinx workers. This memo identifies a set of questions that the DC Council can consider in developing a strategy to meet the needs of the workforce for good jobs and employers for skilled workers. For each question, we identify best practices from around the country and tools and resources that can support policymaking and planning.

Research Areas Workforce
Tags Job training Workforce development Job markets and labor force Youth employment and training COVID-19
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center
Cities Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV