Research Report Assessing Quality across the Center-Based Early Care and Education Workforce
Evidence from the National Survey of Early Care and Education
Erica Greenberg, Olivia Healy, Teresa Derrick-Mills
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This study assesses variation in the quality of the early care and education workforce across various center characteristics using the nationally representative National Survey of Early Care and Education. We explore whether quality varies systematically by program type, funding stream, structural characteristics of centers, or characteristics of children and families served and explore whether trade-offs exist between quality and access. Findings indicate that the highest-quality center-based teaching staff are in programs that receive funding from Head Start and state prekindergarten, serve preschoolers only, operate during traditional hours or with fixed schedules and payments, and provide services to children with special needs.
Research Areas Education Families Children and youth
Tags Child care Teachers Families with low incomes Early childhood education Child care and early childhood education
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population