Articulating a Program for Resilience

Research Report

Articulating a Program for Resilience

The Landscape of Evidence, Actions, and Geographies


This report assesses the evidence base and range of opportunities for global action on climate resilience. This assessment comes as the resilience movement continues to evolve, yet the urgency and magnitude of the need have increased. Expanding urbanization and increasing exposure to hazards affect all places on the planet, but particularly the most socially, economically, and politically vulnerable communities. In this report, we review fundamental science and policy documents to identify opportunities for global action in six areas: community infrastructure, public finance, direct financial services, insurance, education and awareness, and food security. Review criteria for selecting contemporary interventions, or “opportunities,” included the strength of their evidence base; their propensity for immediate implementation, particularly in the communities and places with the most urgent need; their universality, scalability, and replicability across global contexts; and their potential for leveraging investment. The work provides a menu of entry points for stakeholders.

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