Summary Aligning the Use of Recovery Funds with Community Goals in Memphis, TN
Fay Walker, Christina Plerhoples Stacy, Becca Dedert
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Cities across the country are receiving unprecedented levels of flexible funds through federal legislation to help support their recovery from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. For local leaders to ensure these dollars advance equity within their cities rather than reinforcing existing inequities, they must align their investments with community priorities and ensure that the voices of those who have been most harmed by historic patterns of inequity and exclusion are included in the process. This fact sheet assesses the extent to which Memphis and Shelby County’s allocations align with community goals as established in community-based equity plans. We found that Memphis and Shelby County's recovery allocations include a small percentage of investments aligned with the community priorities of supporting youth and connecting communities, and to a lesser extent housing, but the allocations do not generally include arts and culture.

Research Areas State and local finance
Tags Capital flows COVID-19 Community public safety investment
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center
Research Methods Data analysis Data collection Qualitative data analysis Quantitative data analysis
States Tennessee
Cities Memphis, TN-MS-AR
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