Research Report Alcohol Outlets as Attractors of Violence and Disorder
A Closer Look at the Neighborhood Environment
Caterina Gouvis Roman, Shannon Reid, Avi Bhati, Bogdan Tereshchenko
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This report investigates the relationship between alcohol availability, type of alcohol establishment, distribution policies and violence and disorder at the block group level in the District of Columbia. We test whether density of alcohol outlets influences: (1) aggravated assault incidents, (2) calls for service for social "disorder" offenses, and (3) calls for service for a domestic incident, and examine variation in outcomes by time of day/day of week. Spatial econometric regression models are estimated using an information theoretic approach. The findings indicate that on-premise outlets, but not off-premise outlets are a significant predictor of aggravated assault.
Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety
Tags Policing and community safety
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center