Albuquerque Affordable Housing and Homelessness Needs Assessment

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Albuquerque Affordable Housing and Homelessness Needs Assessment


In Albuquerque, households with extremely low incomes have struggled to pay rent, and homelessness has steadily increased. We estimate that to meet these housing challenges, Albuquerque needs an additional 15,500 rental units affordable to households with extremely low incomes, as well as 2,200 units of supportive housing and 800 units of rapid rehousing for people experiencing homelessness. The city can develop an inclusive process to set a shared vison for increasing housing affordability and reducing homelessness. We recommend that with enhanced leadership and coordination, the city preserve existing affordable units and produce more units, expand rental assistance and renter protections, and improve the homeless service system and increase exits to permanent housing.

Read the related fact sheet, "How Can Albuquerque Increase Affordable Housing and Reduce Homelessness"

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