Research Report Affordable Rental Housing in Healthy Communities
Rebuilding After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Margery Austin Turner, Barika X. Williams, Glenn Kates, Susan J. Popkin, Carol Rabenhorst
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The devastation and displacement of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita poses a unique set of affordable housing challenges. Although everyone who was displaced by the disaster face significant housing challenges, the needs of low- and moderate-income renters warrant far more attention than they have thus far received. Without affordable rental options, many residents will not be able to return to their communities and the regions economic recovery may be undermined by the lack of critical workers. This report is intended to help inform and invigorate public debate about affordable rental housing policies that would improve the ongoing recovery from the storms.
Research Areas Neighborhoods, cities, and metros Housing
Tags Federal housing programs and policies Housing vouchers and mobility Public and assisted housing Rental housing
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center