Brief Advancing Probation Reform: A Deep-End Reform Brief
Sino Esthappan, Janine M. Zweig
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Probation plays a critical role in the juvenile justice system, but the absence of clear intended outcomes for youth who are justice involved might contribute to the unnecessary use of judicial dispositions to probation and out-of-home placement, as well as to high rates of recidivism. In this brief, we describe findings from a developmental evaluation of the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s expansion of the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative® to the deep end of the juvenile justice system. Deep-end reform aims to safely and significantly reduce the use of out-of-home placements for youth, especially youth of color. The findings in this brief build on those presented in Keeping Youth Out of the Deep End of the Justice System: A Developmental Evaluation Overview of the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Deep-End Reform, which provides an overview of the evaluation of the deep-end reform and its findings (appendix A provides details on the methods used for the evaluation).

Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety Children and youth Race and equity
Tags Corrections Courts and sentencing Racial and ethnic disparities Delinquency and crime Racial and ethnic disparities in criminal justice
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center