Brief Accreditation Key to Creating the Next Generation of Drug Courts
John Roman
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[] Drug courts are the leading edge of a new wave of court practice and it is critical that researchers do more than just evaluate the return to the public on the huge public investment in these programs. Researchers must also consider whether the huge public investment in drug court research has been worthwhile, whether it is worth continuing, and in what form. There are some answers already in the literature that can help to improve drug courts, but this type of research is extremely difficult to do well. With a more formalized research process funneled through an objective accreditation process, best practices and future advances can be institutionalized. Accreditation will allow drug courts to evolve and innovate while at the same time taking them out of the self-promotion business. That combination will benefit everyone.
Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety
Tags Courts and sentencing
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center