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  • Veterans and Transitioning Service Members Can Expand and Sustain Your Program

    Apprenticeship programs offer an excellent return on investment for employers. Apprentices build strong relationships with employers while acquiring and demonstrating the specialized skills employers want for their specific business needs. Even so, it takes attention to sustain apprenticeship programs and ensure they are continuing to meet everyone’s needs. After demonstrating a commitment to and experiencing the benefits of hiring veteran and transitioning service members apprentices, employers and sponsors can take several steps to expand and sustain these efforts.

    Earn recognition

    To spotlight your commitment to hiring veterans, thereby attracting positive press and potentially drawing even more future hires, consider applying for the HIRE Vets Medallion Award.
    Applicants must first create an account with
    The required forms will vary depending on whether you qualify for the Gold or Platinum Award. While all application components must be entered through the website, you can view a sample of the criteria and material needed for Gold and Platinum. Applying costs $90 once all materials are submitted.
    See if local organizations, such as nonprofits, business associations, or news outlets, recognize businesses for their commitment to the veteran community. This kind of positive attention can help unlock new talent and opportunities for your business.
    Use your own media presence, through social media, company websites, conferences, and more, to highlight the success of veteran apprentices and related programs. By curating and telling your own organization’s success stories, you can build a public identity that reflects your dedication to veterans and attracts positive attention.

    Stay connected

    Connect with people who work in organizations and with services that help place veterans and transitioning service members into the workforce. Organizations such as Hire Our Heroes and Veterati monitor veteran hiring trends for a living, and a relationship with their representatives can allow you to stay on top of new programs and opportunities.

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