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    Registered apprenticeship is a proven strategy for businesses to hire new talent, especially in specialized positions like tech jobs. Through funding from, the Urban Institute is working with small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in North and South Carolina to help them grow tech apprenticeship programs. 

    If your business or organization is interested in getting involved, please sign up at the link below to get in touch with our team. Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

    Sign up here

    What Is Tech Apprenticeship?

    Designed in partnership with employers to meet their specific business needs, tech apprenticeship programs combine traditional coursework with on-the-job experience and mentorship, allowing apprentices to gain meaningful work experience as employees and quickly get assigned to productive work. Apprenticeship is a win-win strategy that benefits both employers and apprentices. 

    Why Should Employers Consider Apprenticeship?

    Nearly seven out of eight employers with registered apprenticeship programs would recommend it to others because of the benefits, like higher loyalty, a healthy return on investment, and employee retention rates. Plus, research shows apprentices achieve faster earnings growth than comparable workers. 

    How Can the Urban Institute Help?

    The Urban Institute is a nonprofit research organization that provides data and evidence to help advance upward mobility and equity. Urban also serves as a tech apprenticeship intermediary, and our apprenticeship experts help employers and sponsors design, register, and implement their programs and connect with funding opportunities. 

    How Can I Get Involved or Learn More?

    Sign up here to get in touch with our team. Whether you’re an employer interested in creating or expanding an apprenticeship program, a school or community organization that wants to get involved, or a jobseeker looking for a new career path, the Urban Institute can connect you with the tools and guidance you need to get started.

    Explore helpful resources and learn how to participate by visiting one of the links below.

    For Employers

    For Prospective Apprentices

    For Educators and Community Partners

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