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    Child welfare administrators and evaluators conduct evaluations to understand whether, how, and how well programs, policies, and initiatives work for children, young people, and families. The Child Welfare Evidence Strengthening Team (CWEST) aims to increase the number of evidence-based interventions and improve the child welfare field’s ability to build, understand, and use evidence. As part of these efforts, the team works to build the capacity of child welfare administrators and researchers to conduct rigorous evaluations in the field of child welfare.

    Key Findings and Highlights

    To support the field in conducting rigorous evaluations, CWEST has developed the Roadmaps to Building Evidence in Child Welfare series—a collection of instructional resources about conducting child welfare evaluations.


    Making better decisions in child welfare requires evidence. One way to create evidence is through evaluations, which can answer questions about the implementation and effectiveness of a program or intervention.

    You can find more practical guidance on data, evaluation, and evidence in the child welfare field from CWEST in materials from the Child Welfare Evidence Building Academy, a program of trainings for child welfare agency staff, practitioners, and evaluators.

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