PROJECTPartnering for Vaccine Equity

Person receiving vaccine shot

Vaccination is critical to effectively managing infectious diseases and to ensuring community resilience. However, significant disparities exist in vaccination coverage, worsening impacts from infectious diseases that can disproportionately affect vulnerable populations.

The Partnering for Vaccine Equity (P4VE) program, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is addressing racial and ethnic disparities in adult COVID-19 and influenza vaccination. This investment in vaccine equity presents an opportunity to build knowledge and evidence on effectively increasing vaccine coverage for both the current moment and future vaccination efforts. The P4VE program launched in 2021 and will run for up to five years.

With support from the CDC, Urban participates in the P4VE program through two roles:

Group learning manager of the P4VE learning community

This community comprises hundreds of national, tribal, and local organizations across the country working to build vaccine equity. As the group learning manager, Urban cultivates a collaborative environment that is accessible and responsive to all partners’ needs.

The learning community has three objectives:

  1. provide a forum for members to share knowledge and expertise
  2. connect members to subject matter experts and provide tailored learning content to support program implementation
  3. build a set of resources to support longer-term vaccine equity efforts

Provider of subgrants and technical assistance to community-based organizations (CBOs) expanding vaccine confidence and access in their communities. These CBOs are trusted community partners and advocates from the United States. They are competitively selected to implement vaccine equity projects by equipping influential messengers, increasing vaccination opportunities, and establishing or building creative local partnerships.

Urban provides CBOs with subgrants to support their vaccine equity efforts and tailored technical assistance to support project implementation and build their broader, long-term organizational capacity.



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