PROJECTImproving Access to Public Benefits

When people struggle to make ends meet, public benefit programs have the potential to help them meet their basic needs for food, housing, health care, and cash. Yet many families and individuals eligible for benefits do not receive them.

Urban explored how to improve access to public benefits in Illinois and nationwide in several reports.

The research 

  • shows what portion of Illinois residents eligible for safety net benefits receive those benefits;
  • quantifies the value of additional public benefits Illinois families could receive if all programs were fully funded and all
    eligible families participated in the programs;
  • analyzes health care utilizations and unmet health needs among Medicaid/CHIP enrollees; and
  • offers a menu of potential strategies to increase access to public benefits.

This research was funded by the J.B. and M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation. Portions of the research made use of the Urban Institute’s Analysis of Transfers, Taxes, and Income Security (ATTIS) microsimulation model.

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