PROJECTHousing Market Forecaster

Housing Market Forecaster Figure

The Urban Housing Market Forecaster is a tool for exploring how major policy reforms and substantial new housing investments at local, state, and national scales could overcome today’s housing market challenges. The forecaster simulates the complex interactions of housing demand and supply within a metropolitan region, producing estimates of 10-year changes in housing market outcomes based on changes in population, changes in incomes, and possible policy interventions. An earlier version of this tool was used in the 1970s and 1980s to analyze the market effects of changes in federal housing policies. Now, with refinements and extensions made feasible by today’s technology, we are updating the forecaster’s capacity to simulate the market implications of a much broader range of interventions and to focus explicitly on what it would take to narrow persistent inequities in housing security and neighborhood quality.



Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center