PROJECTEquity Resource Navigator

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Curated Resources to Advance Local Equity Efforts

This collection of resources supports equity efforts by local officials and government staff. It covers a wide range of topics, including community engagement, budgeting, procurement, contracting, staff capacity building, and communications. The Navigator easily directs users to resources relevant to their work and interests via a survey.

For more information about why we created the Navigator and how it can be used, see the user guide. We recommend that all users read through the user guide before taking the survey.

Access the Navigator!

Take our survey to receive a customized list of resources generated from your responses and areas of focus.

Read the full list of survey questions (PDF).


We’re exploring ways to refine the Navigator to encourage learning among users, practitioners, and experts. We value your input on how to achieve this. Share your suggestions or feedback with us at [email protected].

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