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  • Cohort 2022

    Terence Crutcher Foundation

    Where Tech and Justice Collide: Raising Awareness of Racial Disparities in the Criminal Legal System

    Tulsa, OK

    The Terence Crutcher Foundation has published three data-driven reports on racial disparities in policing, poverty, public safety, and the criminal legal system in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where it works to create just and liberated communities free from racial violence and harm by advancing policy, strengthening communities, and honoring the legacy of the ancestors of their community. Those reports include recommendations for ending racial disparities, but implementing them requires engaging and educating the community, policymakers, and law enforcement.

    With Catalyst Grant funding, the foundation will deploy a multipronged dissemination strategy to share its findings on racial disparities in Tulsa. It plans to share findings through social media and local news outlets and conduct outreach to supporters, volunteers, and community partners. It also plans to promulgate its recommendations to build on the movement to interrupt cycles of racial violence in Tulsa, canvass neighborhoods to distribute information and share tangible actions they can take to address racial disparities, partner with the Black Wall Street Times to write op-eds and articles about the reports’ findings, amplify them on social media, and cohost virtual community discussions. Lastly, it will hire a data manager to manage its database of contacts, improve the database to accommodate text banking for dissemination of information and recommendations, and analyze who is accessing resources to expand its reach.

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