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Bexar County Police Firings Database 

Bexar County, TX 

Roughly 70 percent of police officers in Bexar County, Texas, have been fired and rehired, one of the highest rates of such incidents in the country. Also commonplace in the county is the hiring of fired officers by other local law enforcement agencies, which are sometimes unaware of the prior terminations. 

With Catalyst Grant funding, ACT 4 SA, in partnership with Düable Brand Trust, is aiming to mitigate these practices by building a public-facing dashboard to show police suspensions, arbitrations, and terminations for the Bexar County Constables, Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, and San Antonio Police Department. Along with collecting, cleaning, and organizing the data, Act 4 SA will conduct in-depth analysis to provide data points on the share of fired officers that are rehired per agency and the number of offenses by category per agency. The organization will also examine offense and demographic trends and common reasons officers are rehired or discipline is reduced. Working with Düable, ACT 4 SA plans to link the data to an online interactive visualization tool that will be updated monthly.


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