Press Releases Urban Institute Staff Union Receives Voluntary Recognition
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CONTACT: Katie Barrows, NPEU,, 360-624-6936 Urban Institute:, (202) 261-5709

WASHINGTON, May 27, 2021- The Urban Institute has recognized their staff’s union, the Urban Institute Employees Union. The Urban Institute Employees Union (UIEU) is organized with the Nonprofit Professional Employees Union (NPEU). 

“The formation of our union is rooted in our commitment to improving the Urban Institute’s principles as a workplace and research institution,” said the UIEU organizing committee. “We are thrilled that Urban has voluntarily recognized the Urban Institute Employees Union and look forward to getting to the bargaining table to strengthen the voices of all workers at Urban and ensure that it is an inclusive and nurturing workplace for all its employees.”

“The Urban Institute deeply values the contributions of all our employees and respects their rights, including to organize. We are pleased to take this next, important step in voluntarily recognizing the Urban Institute Employees Union (UIEU),” said Sarah Rosen Wartell, President of the Urban Institute. “We are united by shared values, a strong sense of purpose, and a belief that evidence holds the power to change lives and advance equity and opportunity. I look forward to working together with the UIEU to advance an ever more inclusive, equitable, and effective workplace of individuals all contributing to the pursuit of Urban’s mission.”

“We are beyond excited that the Urban Institute Employees Union has received voluntary recognition,” said NPEU Interim President Katie Barrows. “With their union, Urban employees gain a greater say in workplace decisions and the ability to create an even stronger organization. We applaud management for working collaboratively on the voluntary recognition agreement, and hope this relationship continues as Urban Institute Employees Union negotiates their first contract.”

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About NPEU:

The Nonprofit Professional Employees Union (NPEU), a local of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, represents professionals employed at more than 30 nonprofit organizations (and counting), including employees at Economic Policy Institute, the Center for American Progress, and Community Change. NPEU gives nonprofit workers a voice to strengthen their workplaces and continue to do work that makes a difference in people’s lives.

About the Urban Institute:

The nonprofit Urban Institute is a leading research organization dedicated to developing evidence-based insights that improve people’s lives and strengthen communities. For 50 years, Urban has been the trusted source for rigorous analysis of complex social and economic issues; strategic advice to policymakers, philanthropists, and practitioners; and new, promising ideas that expand opportunities for all. Our work inspires effective decisions that advance fairness and enhance the well-being of people and places.