Press Releases Greater Washington Partnership Announces Launch of Regional Housing Framework
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CONTACT: Steven Chlapecka,, 202.871.9914 Kate Villarreal,, 202.261.5709

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 24, 2018—Today, the Greater Washington Partnership joined with the Urban Institute to launch the Regional Housing Framework—an effort to catalyze and inform action to address the Capital Region's future housing needs, beginning with the Washington metropolitan area. This effort demonstrates that the leading employers from across the Capital Region—collectively employing nearly 200,000 people—recognize the importance of a well-functioning housing system to support the region’s future growth and demand action on regional housing solutions. 

The Framework will rigorously assess the current and future housing needs in the Washington area, recommend regional targets for production and preservation of high-quality housing for people at every income level, and identify and evaluate a portfolio of evidence-based tools and strategies to address the region’s housing needs going forward.

“For too long, we in the Capital Region have allowed our housing challenges to worsen,” said Jason Miller, CEO of the Partnership. “We can absolutely tackle them, but it requires we come together and take action now. By ensuring that every single person—no matter his or her income level, job, or level of education—can find a safe, affordable and high-quality home, we can execute what will become the model for a unified, inclusive region."

“Returning to the region’s 2000-2005 pace of housing production would add close to 250,000 units by 2025," said Sarah Rosen Wartell, the Urban Institute’s President. "But we can do better. Smart policy reforms could further unleash private market capacity to produce a balanced mix of housing affordable to residents at all points along the income spectrum.”

The Framework will be guided by three principles:

  • Preserve existing affordable housing in all communities, including opportunity-rich and revitalizing areas.
  • Produce more housing across the income spectrum and in communities throughout the region so that all jurisdictions contribute to and benefit from meeting everyone's housing needs.
  • Protect both renters and homebuyers from discrimination and involuntary displacement.

The Partnership is focused on advancing solutions and fostering unity that enable faster economic growth and expanded opportunity for the more than 10 million people who live and work in the Capital Region. Those goals are undermined without a well-functioning housing market that meets the needs of households across the income spectrum. The Regional Housing Framework is a multi-faceted effort that will lay out clear steps that can be taken by both the government and the private sector to position the Capital Region for success.

This effort builds on the Partnership’s successful launch of the Capital CoLAB, first-of-its kind alliance of university and business leaders who have come together to ensure higher education and workforce needs are better aligned. The Partnership will continue to work with leaders across the region to making the Capital Region one of the world's best places to live, work, and build a business.

The Framework will be developed with input from advisors of key leaders from the private and nonprofit sectors, harnessing the important work of our region’s jurisdictions, the Council of Governments, and the Housing Leaders Group of Greater Washington.

For more information about the Regional Housing Framework, the Greater Washington Partnership, or the Urban Institute, contact Steven Chlapecka at, 202.871.9914 or Kate Villarreal at, 202.261.5709. 


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