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    The National Resource Network (NRN) is a main component of SC2. The network provides cities with tools and strategies to help mayors, city managers, and other local government leaders maneuver and leverage existing federal resources and find solutions to community and economic development challenges. 

    The network was funded with $10 million from HUD for the first three years of operation.

    The network includes five key partners: Enterprise Community Partners, Public Financial Management, HR&A Advisors, New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, and the International City/County Management Association. These partnerships were created to harness public- and private-sector knowledge and expertise. Additionally, there are several other partnerships with nonprofits and various associations. 

    NRN offers four key resources and services to cities. The first tool NRN offers is the “311 for Cities,” which was launched in May of 2014, allows local offices to request and receive assistance through the NRN network. This resource was originally offered to 60 cities and grew to expand its eligibility to more than 300 cities. In addition to 311, NRN offers a resource library and clearinghouse that are open to the public. Further, NRN supports peer learning and activity through an annual convening that gathers peers to learn from national experts on city challenges. Other peer engagement includes in-person city-to-city exchanges, a peer listserv, and newsletter. Lastly, NRN has a direct technical assistance program that aims to work with city governments to support the development of economic recovery plans through working with NRN partners and affiliates. Cities must apply and be approved for both the 311 feature and the direct technical assistance program.

    In 2017 , the Urban Institute will publish a report that will evaluate the National Resource Network’s successes, impact, and performance.

    To find out more about the national resource network, visit their website.

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