Boosting Upward Mobility from Poverty

The US Partnership on Mobility from Poverty, which completed its work in spring 2018, gathered insights from research, practice, and people who have experienced poverty to better understand what it would take to dramatically increase mobility from poverty in the US. As part of their work, the Partnership developed an expansive definition of mobility from poverty that goes beyond economic success, arguing that mobility from poverty also requires power and autonomy and a sense of being valued by one’s community.

With continued support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Boosting Upward Mobility from Poverty project builds on Partnership’s work by developing a draft set of actionable mobility metrics that communities can use to set priorities and catalyze action and by authoring a series of case studies exhibiting programs that have demonstrably “moved the needle” on improving economic and social mobility. Upcoming work will beta test the metrics in a set of communities and support broader community learning to create and bolster conditions that substantially boost upward mobility and narrow inequities for children, youth, and adults.

For more information about the project, contact Keith Fudge.

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