PROJECTTipping Point’s Chronic Homelessness Initiative

Row of homes in San Francisco

In May 2017, Tipping Point Community announced a $100 million initiative to halve chronic homelessness in San Francisco in five years. Tipping Point’s Chronic Homelessness Initiative (CHI) is the largest private investment to address homelessness in the city’s history. CHI is relying on three strategies:

  • Create more housing, specifically permanent supportive housing opportunities for people experiencing chronic homelessness. 

  • Prevent chronic homelessness by housing people before they become chronically homeless and improving the systems that serve people vulnerable to homelessness.  

  • Change systems by increasing capacity and improving policies.

Tipping Point engaged the Urban Institute to evaluate CHI’s implementation and outcomes. The evaluation’s primary goal is to understand CHI’s overall success in helping San Francisco halve chronic homelessness and make long-term, systemic improvements that support the city’s most vulnerable residents. Urban is also conducting program evaluations of specific CHI activities and strategies, including the Moving On Initiative, the Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool, the Rising Up program, the Homes for the Homeless Fund, Step Up to Freedom, and CHI’s Community Advisory Board.

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Research Areas Wealth and financial well-being
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