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  • Stability

    The name Housing Opportunity and Services Together reflects the combination of supports at the heart of the HOST approach. Housing provides the stability vulnerable families need to pursue opportunity, and services promote stability and mobility from poverty.

    HOST families experience many sources of instability, such as the uncertainty and stress of living paycheck to paycheck, relying on unreliable transportation to get to work, or running out of food at the end of the month.

    HOST service providers helped improve families’ day-to-day stability. Sometimes, that meant addressing logistical challenges or emergency needs, such as filling out forms for benefits or paying for a car repair, to create the stability needed to pursue long-term goals.

    The HOST approach also emphasizes the support of a motivational coach (also known as a case manager) to help families navigate their way through the barriers and siloed social services people in poverty often encounter.  

    One person can’t do it by themselves, and it won’t happen overnight. They need social support. [My case manager] sticks to his word. I don’t want to disappoint him….He’s like a good coach.

    HOST participant

    The strongest and most consistent sentiment HOST participants expressed was that having a personal relationship with a case manager who focuses on the residents’ goals rather than program or provider goals was crucial to making progress.  

    When I need help, they help. They’ve helped with summer jobs, transportation, the little things.

    HOST participant

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