PROJECTAffordable Housing and Foreclosure Mitigation


Congress is debating the future of some federal programs designed to help homeowners avoid foreclosure and help states rehabilitate foreclosed properties. While some policymakers argue for reform, others want the programs to go. Foreclosures' effects vary by neighborhood and city, so good data and analyses are vital to making the right decisions.



National Programs and Policies

Preliminary Analysis of National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program Effects—September 2010 Update
December 2010 research report by Charles A. Calhoun, Neil S. Mayer, Peter A. Tatian, and Kenneth Temkin

Addressing the Foreclosure Crisis: Action-Oriented Research in Three Cities
January 2010 research report by G. Thomas Kingsley, Kathryn L. S. Pettit, and Leah Hendey

The Impacts of Foreclosures on Families and Communities: A Primer
July 2009 research report by G. Thomas Kingsley, Robin E. Smith, and David Price

Balancing Affordability and Opportunity: An Evaluation of Affordable Homeownership Programs with Long-term Affordability Controls
October 2010 research report by Kenneth Temkin, Brett Theodos, and David Price

Foreclosures in the Washington, DC, Region

NeighborhoodInfo DC

Rising Foreclosures Overwhelm Washington, D.C. Area Counseling Organizations: Results from a Survey of Housing Counseling and Legal Service Organizations
October 2010 research report by Leah Hendey

Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area Foreclosure Monitor—Fall 2010
January 2011 research report by Leah Hendey and Zach McDade

Smallest Victims of the Foreclosure Crisis: Children in the District of Columbia
September 2010 research report by Jennifer Comey and Michel Grosz

Foreclosures and Renters in Washington, DC
April 2009 research report by Peter A. Tatian

Foreclosures in the Nation's Capital 2009
October 2009 brief by Kathryn L. S. Pettit, Mary K. Cunningham, G. Thomas Kingsley, Leah Hendey, Jennifer Comey, Liza Getsinger, and Michel Grosz

The Impact of Foreclosures on Home Ownership and Affordable Housing in the District of Columbia
May 2009 testimony by Peter A. Tatian

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