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    The Chicago Violence Reduction Strategy (VRS) combines collective accountability and provision of social services to deliver antiviolence messages to street groups at high risk for involvement in shootings. “Credible messengers”—former members of the street groups—collaborate with law enforcement to implore group members to stop the violence and present the severe consequences they will face if they don’t. The goal is to better broadcast community-wide standards against violence, provide services to group members, and use targeted enforcement to deter violence.

    Our evaluation found that VRS was associated with a 23 percent reduction in overall shooting patterns and a 32 percent reduction in shooting victimization among participating groups. But surveys and interviews with street group members and criminal justice stakeholders revealed a more complex story: high levels of mutual mistrust between law enforcement and community members.

    The Chicago VRS evaluation is one of several Urban Institute projects illustrating solutions that can capably address gun violence, as well as illuminating facilitators and barriers to effectiveness. Others, like the Los Angeles Gang Reduction and Youth Development program, have reinforced the importance of a comprehensive and coordinated approach.

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