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  • May 2, Full collaborative meeting
  • June 14, Government programs work stream meeting
  • July 18, Data working group meeting
  • July 24, Collaborative advisory meeting
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  • August 31, Full collaborative briefing
  • September 25, Loss mitigation and modification experience work stream meeting
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  • Workstream 5, non-performing loans meeting on November 27, 2018
  • Workstream 5, Servicing Compensation Meeting on November 30, 2018
  • Summary of December MSC Convening December 6, 2018
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  • Help Me Understand Mortgage Servicing

    The Mortgage Servicing Collaborative (MSC) is an initiative of the Urban Institute’s Housing Finance Policy Center that brings together lenders, servicers, consumer groups, civil rights leaders, researchers, and policymakers who appreciate the effect servicing has on the health of the housing finance system. The MSC seeks to identify and build momentum for servicing reforms that make the housing market more equitable and efficient and, in that spirit, has produced several research briefs supporting and suggesting reforms to mortgage servicing.

    Each MSC research brief assumes some knowledge of mortgage servicing, which might make the briefs less accessible to a broader audience. Accordingly, we have created additional resources to explain mortgage servicing basics and to help users understand the industry. These resources include videos and essays that address four broad questions:

    1. What is mortgage servicing?
    2. Who is involved with mortgage servicing?
    3. What is default servicing?
    4. How does securitization affect mortgage servicing?
    Research Areas Housing finance
    Policy Centers Housing Finance Policy Center