Children of Immigrants

Since 2006, Urban has used data from the American Community Survey to understand the trends in the population of children born to at least one foreign-born parent—that is, children of immigrants. Through reports, briefs, , data visualizations, and our interactive data tool, we have tracked and allowed others to track changes in the characteristics, number, and lived realities of these children and their families. We present snapshot and trend information on children of immigrants and their families including location; citizenship and length of residence in the US; income, employment, and benefits; education and schooling; household structure; and more. Our data span the national, state, and metro levels and provide information on foreign-born and US-born children as well as for children overall and by child and parent nativity and citizenship, child demographics, family income, and more.

View our online chart feature, Part of Us: A Data-Driven Look at Children of Immigrants

To see how patterns and trends have evolved over time, check out our interactive maps.

To dig into the data yourself, visit our data tool.

This project is funded through Urban’s Low-Income Working Families initiative. 


Past briefs: