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The Nonprofit Almanac features the most comprehensive and up-to-date data on the nonprofit sector.

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The People's Sector: A Look at Nonprofit Gains and Losses
The growth and decline of local nonprofits tells us something individual about every American community. Using data from the Nonprofit Almanac, this interactive tool allows users to analyze nonprofits' financial gains and losses by city, state, and nonprofit type.

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The Nonprofit Almanac: The Essential Facts and Figures for Managers, Researchers, and Volunteers, Ninth Edition
The newly updated Nonprofit Almanac is an accessible and reader-friendly account of America’s rapidly growing civic sector, often using 10 or more years of data to trace and illuminate post-recession nonprofit growth, subsector performance, shifting nonprofit revenue streams, and trends in donating and volunteering. New sections include analyses on metropolitan-level nonprofit growth and finances. 

The Nonprofit Sector in Brief 2015: Public Charities, Giving, and Volunteering
The Nonprofit Sector in Brief 2015 uses the most recent data available to highlight significant trends in the nonprofit sector.

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