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    We created explainers that model and allow users to explore the most common funding models states use.

    How do school funding formulas work?

    In all but five states, statewide formulas control most school funding. But what are funding formulas, and how do they work? Take a look at the most common funding formulas states use and the ways school districts respond to these models.

    How Has Education Funding Changed over Time?

    Though education funding has generally increased in recent decades, states vary widely in how much they spend on education and how they distribute that funding. Explore where and how local, state, and federal education funding has changed over the past 20 years.

    School Funding: Do Poor Kids Get Their Fair Share

    Research suggests increased spending on education can improve student outcomes, especially among low-income students. Targeted increases in funding could narrow the achievement gap between poor and nonpoor students. But given the complexities of our school finance system, can policymakers direct funds to the students who need them most?

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