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  • Measure4Change Grantee Testimonials

    “Measure4Change gave us the time and a directional focus, with an emphasis on establishing exactly what we should be evaluating. As opposed to doing evaluation reactively, which many nonprofits do, Measure4Change prompted us to be intentional and do evaluation proactively.”

    —Bethany Henderson, Executive Director, DC SCORES

    “We went from not having logic models to having logic models. We also added dashboards measuring short-, medium-, and long-term outcomes. We went from data being something collected for the board or funders, to data being collected for the team for performance management.”

    —Patty Stonesifer, President and CEO, Martha’s Table

    “Measure4Change was an important platform for us to have good discussions. It took making clear that data was a priority and having this forum at the organizational and group level. That was powerful for us and very well timed.”

    —Robin Berkley, Executive Director, Horton’s Kids

    “Measure4Change has helped us to take another look at what we wanted to measure. It is helping us understand what we want to answer about our work and how to ask the right questions to get those answers. We are having different conversations and analysis about this than we were in the past.”

    —Kerrie Wilson, CEO, Cornerstones

    “Measure4Change not only helped us solidify and advance our evaluation work, but it connected us to a strong learning community of other like-minded organizations and that has continued to support our efforts to build a strong measurement, evaluation, and learning culture throughout Miriam’s Kitchen.”

    —Scott Schenkelberg, CEO, Miriam’s Kitchen

    “Our partnership with Measure4Change gave us access to both one-on-one technical expertise and a vibrant community of nonprofits dedicated to measuring—and learning from—their program outcomes. As a result, we greatly strengthened our own performance measurement practices, allowing us to more rigorously study our data and ultimately improve student-level outcomes.”

    —Lecester Johnson, CEO, Academy of Hope Adult Public Charter School

    “Measure4Change helped CentroNía create the structure necessary to implement effective performance measurement through an organizational theory of change, program logic models, outcome indicators, and data visualizations. This partnership positively impacted CentroNía’s culture around data and evaluation and now the data being collected gives quantifiable evidence of the success of our mission to educate young children and strengthen families.”

    —Rosalina Burgos, Senior Director of Early Childhood Education, CentroNía

    Our partnership with the Measure4Change team was instrumental in bringing us closer to our goal of becoming a more data-driven and data- informed organization. Measure4Change provided us with sound guidance and reviewed our various departmental logic models, programmatic goals, and survey instruments. Our Measure4Change team also led us to other internal and external resources where valuable input was garnered as it related to health studies and volunteer investment. We continue to move the needle forward organizationally in making sound data driven decisions and in the important evaluation of the impact of our work.”

    —Kim Brown, Chief Program Officer, DC Central Kitchen

    Research Areas Wealth and financial well-being Nonprofits and philanthropy
    Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center