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Brett Theodos

Brett Theodos, Principal Research Associate, Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center

Brett Theodos specializes in program evaluation and performance measurement of interventions supporting vulnerable communities and families, focusing on economic and community development, neighborhood change, affordable housing, financial services, and youth support programs.

Lindsey Buss

Lindsey Buss, Senior Officer for Community Outreach, World Bank Group

The founding partner of Measure4Change, Lindsey Buss leads the World Bank Group’s philanthropic, volunteer, and other community efforts. Annually, the World Bank Group and its staff contribute more than $5.8 million to the Washington, DC, region alone. Before joining the World Bank Group, Buss was president and chief executive officer of Martha’s Table, a DC nonprofit that helps families and individuals succeed with early education, after-school, nutrition, clothing, and other healthy living support programs.

Mary K. Winkler

Mary K. Winkler, Senior Research Associate, Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy

Mary Winkler leads Urban’s cross-center initiative on Performance Measurement and Management and has more than 20 years of experience providing strategic planning and assistance in developing performance measurement systems for government agencies and nonprofit programs.

Peter Tatian

Peter Tatian, Senior Fellow and Project Director of NeighborhoodInfo DC, Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center

Peter A. Tatian is a senior fellow at the Urban Institute and research director for Urban–Greater DC. He advises nonprofits on performance management and evaluation and heads Urban’s work providing technical assistance on data collection and use to grantees of the US Department of Education’s Promise Neighborhoods initiative.

Sara McTarnaghan

Sara McTarnaghan, Research Associate, Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center

Sara McTarnaghan’s research focuses on community development initiatives, affordable housing policy, and nonprofit capacity building.


Ananya Hariharan

Ananya Hariharan, Research Assistant, Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center

Ananya Hariharan is a research assistant in the Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center. Her research focuses on land use, community and economic development, and demographic and socioeconomic change.

Tanay Nunna

Tanay Nunna, Research Assistant, Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center

Tanay's research interests lie in health and housing, land use and urban planning, and affordable housing development and preservation.