Making Growth Work for Women in Low-Income Countries: Products

LEAD Pakistan trained village women in Rajanpur to run business of renting out chargeable solar lamps. This resulted in their economic empowerment with increased income. - Photo Credit: Abbas Mushtaq - LEAD Pakistan

We plan for our program to culminate in either a peer-reviewed edited volume or a special issue of an open access journal that will contain introductory and synthetic material as well as a summary chapter (article) from each of the six projects. Before the publication of this book (issue) we plan to hold a conference, perhaps in conjunction with an established conference such as the biennial International Conference in Family Planning. We will invite several internationally known senior scholars who are not part of the research team to this conference and ask them to respond to the six summary presentations. Their remarks can then be published as part of the book (issue). The number of citations to this book (issue) is a good metric for research uptake.


The implications of each of these six papers for policy and programs will be summarized in two page policy briefs. In addition to English, these briefs will be translated into Arabic, French, and Spanish in order to increase the reach of the findings to as wide an audience as possible. The number of websites that link to these policy briefs is a good metric for research uptake.



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