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  • Training to Use Data for Community Improvement
  • Technical Assistance with Data for Greater Impact
  • Advocacy and Policy Change with Data
  • Collective Data Capacity Innovations
  • Develop Equitable Data Practice
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  • Stories from the Field

    Foundations from across the country are investing in people, organizations, and networks so communities can access and use data to improve outcomes. We hope these examples bring the abstract concept of “investing in data capacity” to life and give foundations ideas for investments that align with their missions and local context. Learn more in our brief Investing in Data Capacity for Community Change.

    Data training for community improvement

    • Building the Data Capacity of Local Nonprofits
    • Making Grantmaking More Inclusive through Data Training
    • Working with Residents to Use Data for Health Equity

    Technical assistance with data for greater impact

    • Enhancing Community Services with Data
    • Helping Nonprofits to Use Data to Improve Programs
    • Furthering Data-Driven Local Government
    • Accelerating Data Integration for Community Solutions

    Advocacy and policy change with data

    • Integrating Data to Improve Child Well-Being
    • Supporting Resident Advocacy with Data
    • Using Data to Advocate for Safer Walking Conditions
    • Putting Data to Work for Community Health
    • Improving Local Policy with Integrated Data

    Collective data capacity innovations

    • Connecting People through Community Data Events
    • Building a Robust Data Culture across Sectors
    • Investing in Data Sharing to Improve Youth Services