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Latinx Communities in America

The Latinx community is the largest ethnic group in America today and a major force contributing to—and reshaping—the economic, social, and cultural fabric of our society. The Urban Institute delivers timely data and evidence that deepen understanding of the diverse experiences of Latinx people and demonstrate how various policies, programs, and practices affect their lives. Our work provides policymakers, advocates, philanthropists, and other change agents with the facts they need to advance opportunity, equity, and upward mobility for Latinx people. 

This page curates Urban research and other products relevant to the Latinx community. We welcome conversations with and questions from changemakers across the country as we continue to develop this body of work and our engagement with Latinx people. To reach one of our experts, please email

Note: We’ve chosen to use “Latinx” because it may be more inclusive of the way members of this population self-identify, but we also recognize that not every member of this population identifies with the term. We know that language is constantly evolving—and so will we.