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Sarah Rosen Wartell
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Kimberlyn Leary
Vice President

What does it look like when evidence drives change for people and communities? To find out, we ask influential leaders the tough questions.

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About Evidence in Action

What does it look like when evidence drives change for people and communities? To find out, we ask influential leaders the tough questions. 

  • How do you prioritize the roles of research and facts? 
  • How do you turn policy into practice? 
  • And how do you hold yourself accountable for diversity, equity, and inclusion progression in your leadership? 
  • Where have you seen evidence in action? 

Evidence in Action inspires changemakers to lead with evidence and act with equity.

At a time when trust in institutions is low and the spread of misinformation is rampant, effective, inclusive leadership is more important than ever. Every episode, Urban Institute’s President Sarah Rosen Wartell and Senior Vice President Kimberlyn Leary will have in-depth discussions with experts and leaders on topics ranging from how to advance equity, public policy impact, and good governance, to designing innovative solutions that achieve community impact, to what it means to practice evidence-based leadership.

Building off the success of our former podcast, Critical Value, Evidence in Action is produced by Urban Institute and focuses on public policy from an evidence perspective.

About the Hosts

Evidence in Action is hosted by Urban Institute's top leadership, President Sarah Rosen Wartell and Executive Vice President Kimberlyn Leary. Each episode Wartell and Leary interview top policymakers, nonprofit executives, and other changemakers on how evidence can inform progress for all people.

Photo of Sarah Wartell
Sarah Rosen

Sarah Rosen Wartell, in 2012, became the third president of the Urban Institute since its founding in 1968. A nonprofit research organization of more than 650 staff members, Urban provides data and evidence to accelerate solutions and advance upward mobility and equity. Urban is a trusted source for changemakers who seek to strengthen decisionmaking, create inclusive economic growth, and improve the well-being of families and communities. Urban has delivered facts that inspire solutions, and this remains our charge today. Read Sarah Rosen Wartell's full bio.

Photo of Kimberlyn Leary

Kimberlyn Leary, executive vice president at the Urban Institute, works with Urban’s president, Sarah Rosen Wartell, to enhance Urban's impact and forge new partnerships. Previously, Leary was Urban’s senior vice president for research management and program development. Read Kimberlyn Leary's full bio here.