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Using the Spatial Equity Data Tool API for More Efficient and Effective Equity Analysis

The Urban Institute’s Spatial Equity Data Tool (SEDT) enables users to upload their own data and quickly assess whether place-based programs and resources—such as parks, libraries, wi-fi hotspots, or electric vehicle charging stations—are equitably distributed across neighborhoods and demographic groups. Urban recently launched a new application programming interface (API) for the tool, which can enable users to embed the SEDT’s powerful equity analytics seamlessly within their own tools and data workflows.

Join the Urban Institute as we showcase how governments and nonprofits can use the SEDT API to automate the process of submitting analyses to the SEDT and incorporating results into organizational processes and tools, such as dashboards, data catalogs, and custom data tools. We will introduce the SEDT, the new API, and new analysis features available in the API that significantly expand the applications for the SEDT. 

We will also discuss how users can leverage the free and open-source API to incorporate the SEDT into existing workflows or custom dashboards. Speakers from the Office of the Los Angeles City Administrative Officer will share how they are using the SEDT API to power their custom equity data tool.



  • Jonathan Cheung, Data Analyst, City of Los Angeles, Office of the Chief Administrative Officer
  • Saira Gandhi, Senior Management Analyst, City of Los Angeles, Office of the Chief Administrative Officer
  • Gabe Morrison, Data Scientist, Urban Institute
  • Sonia Torres Rodríguez, Research Associate, Urban Institute
  • Alena Stern, Chief Data Scientist, Urban Institute

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Date & Time Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Urban Institute Speakers
  • Chief Data Scientist
  • Research Associate
  • Data Scientist