Thursday, July 19, 2018

9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

Urban Institute

5th floor

2100 M Street NW

Washington, DC 20037

A growing number of consumers have been denied access to credit because lenders do not have sufficient data to assess their risk. A promising strategy for broadening financial inclusion could be the inclusion of transaction account data in credit assessments. Technical innovations are creating new opportunities to access these data, with consumer permission, efficiently and electronically. This expert panel discussed research on the opportunities and challenges of this financial technology (fintech) innovation.



  • Mike Pecen, Data Strategy, Experian
  • Lauren Saunders, Associate Director, National Consumer Law Center
  • David Shellenberger, Senior Director, Scoring and Advanced Analytics, FICO
  • Nick Thomas, President and Cofounder, Finicity
  • Alanna McCargo, Vice President, Housing Finance Policy Center, Urban Institute (moderator)

Support for this event is provided by FICO, a Housing Finance Innovation Forum member. For more information on the Urban Institute’s funding principles, go to www.urban.org/aboutus/our-funding/funding-principles

For inquiries regarding this event, please contact events@urban.org.

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