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Protecting the “Third Place:” The Pandemic’s Impact on Commercial Corridors and How to Support Them

Join the Urban Institute for a virtual event exploring how governmental and nonprofit action can support commercial corridors as businesses continue to struggle with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Commercial corridors are essential assets of urban life, being both local economic engines and public spaces where people can gather; separate from home and the workplace—considered the first and second places, where people primarily spend their time—commercial corridors and similar public spaces were termed the “third place” by sociologist Ray Oldenburg. During this event, speakers will discuss the impacts of retail vacancy on community life and the reimagination of urban design for commercial corridors to comply with new public health standards. Participants will hear firsthand about how the Franklin Boulevard corridor in Sacramento is enduring the economic and health crises, what opportunities the pandemic has presented, and what local-level resiliency and recovery efforts are most promising.


  • Kendra Macías Reed, Deputy Director, Franklin Neighborhood Development Corporation
  • Emily Talen, Professor, Division of Social Sciences, University of Chicago
  • Jorge González, Research Analyst, Urban Institute (moderator)
  • Jein Park, Research Assistant, Urban Institute (moderator)


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Date & Time Thursday, December 10, 2020

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