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The National Mortgage Database

Bob Avery and Peter Zorn are the principal architects of the National Mortgage Database. This database will be the first comprehensive repository of detailed mortgage loan information. It will include loan level data about the borrower, including the borrower's financial and credit profile, information about the mortgage (product and terms),  information about the property as well as the ongoing payment history of the loan.

The data will provide a comprehensive picture for each mortgage; it is being built by matching a nationwide sampling of credit bureau files on borrowers payment histories on mortgage and other products with informational files such as the HMDA database as wells as property valuation models. (Precautions will be taken to ensure borrowers cannot be identified through the database.)

On Tuesday, June 11, 2013, Bob and Peter gathered at the Urban Institute to discuss database design, anticipated usage, and issues that have arisen during the course of the project.


Bob Avery, Project Director, National Mortgage Database, Federal Housing Finance Agency

Peter M. Zorn, Vice President, Housing Analysis and Research, Mission, Models and Research Division, Freddie Mac



Date & Time Tuesday, June 11, 2013