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Mapping the Fourth Sector

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition among national, state and local governments about the Fourth Sector’s potential for delivering solutions to social, environmental, and economic challenges.  Fourth Sector organizations are involved with a broad array of issues, from job creation and sustainable economic development to climate change, healthcare, education, social services, energy and more.  To capitalize on their potential, a range of new policies and programs, such as hybrid corporate structures and impact investment vehicles, are being developed to create a more enabling environment and to accelerate the Sector’s growth. 

Participants heard from policymakers, practitioners, and researchers about issues affecting for-benefit organizations.  In afternoon design labs they provided feedback and contributed to Fourth Sector Mapping Initiative working groups’ efforts to 1) create a framework for, and definitions of, for-benefit organizations;  2) identify priority data elements for organizational profiles; and 3) structure a data commons to share this and other relevant information to inform public policies and effective practices. 

This event is sponsored by the Federal Reserve Board, George Washington University, Urban Institute and The B Team.

Conference Agenda

Date & Time Thursday, January 15, 2015

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