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Importing and Visualizing Computer Science Graduation Data from the Urban Institute’s Education Data Portal

This coming February, Urban Institute researchers and programmers will release a web data connector tool that allows Tableau Desktop users to connect to data from Urban’s own Education Data Portal. The connector will allow users to import up to three years of IPEDS computing degree awards data (CIP 11), disaggregated by race and gender, for a single state. These data are useful for individuals and organizations working to increase diversity within computing.

During this webinar, we will demo the connector on Tableau Desktop and give an overview of its use cases. This connector can be viewed as a proof of concept for web data connectors, which can potentially pull in other subsets of data from Urban’s Education Data Portal and various other HTTP data sources.

Web data connectors are a Tableau feature that can be built to connect to any data accessible over HTTP. Once the data are loaded into Tableau Desktop, users can create and customize charts and graphs, compiling them into reports, dashboards, and stories.


  • Callista Chen, Senior Director of Programs, Reboot Representation
  • Matthew Chingos, Vice President, Education Data and Policy, Urban Institute
  • Michelle Menezes, Senior Programmer Analyst, Research, Office of Technology and Data Science, Urban Institute
  • Jean Clayton Seraphin, Web Programmer, Django/Python, Office of Technology and Data Science, Urban Institute

Support for this event is provided by the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation. For more information on the Urban Institute’s funding principles, go to

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Date & Time Monday, February 14, 2022

  • Vice President, Education Data and Policy
  • Senior Programmer, Research
  • Web Programmer Django/Python