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First Tuesday: Are There Too Many Nonprofits

The vast and varied assembly of 1.8 million nonprofit organizations -- about 1 nonprofit for every 175 Americans -- faces a triple threat. From one direction comes reduced funding from government at all levels and diminished foundation grant making. From another comes harsh competition for corporate and individual donors. And from another comes an ever increasing demand for safety net and other services.

One response is to declare that there are simply too many nonprofits, they are inefficient, and some need to merge, consolidate, or close to rationalize the sector. But are there other responses that will put nonprofits on surer footing? This forum will look in all directions for options for a nation that provides myriad services through nonprofit groups. 



  • Elizabeth Boris, director, Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy, Urban Institute (moderator)
  • David La Piana, managing partner, La Piana Consulting; author, The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution and The Nonprofit Mergers Workbook
  • Glen O’Gilvie, chief executive officer, Center for Nonprofit Advancement
  • Mark Pacella, chief deputy attorney general, Charitable Trusts and Organizations Section,Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General
  • Pat Read, principal, Pat Read Consulting; former senior vice president for public policy, Independent Sector



Date & Time Tuesday, April 3, 2012

  • Institute Fellow