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The Federal Role in Disaster and Climate Relocation

The Urban Institute will convene key stakeholders to consider policy, practice, and research needed at the national level for disaster- and climate-displaced, relocated, retreated, and migrant communities within the US. The discussion will build off both current policies, such as buyouts, and policy proposals, such as community-wide relocation demonstrations, managed retreat, and rights of return that center the needs of people currently and likely subject to displacement.

Representatives from grassroots organizations, state and local officials, national advocates, scholars, and federal executive and legislative staff will share their expertise and concerns across two afternoons of virtual presentations and breakout conversations, which will lead to an overview of challenges and opportunities for future policymakers. 


Support for this event is provided by the Kresge Foundation.
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Date & Time Friday, May 20, 2022
Thursday, November 19, 2020