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Expanding the Toolkit for Equity Assessment: State-of-the-Art Methods for Federal Agencies

President Biden’s executive order on advancing racial equity charges the Office of Management and Budget with identifying analytical methods federal agencies can use to assess equity and with better understanding the ways agency policies create or exacerbate barriers to full and equal participation in their programs and services. This is a historic opportunity to help make federal policymaking more equitable and to improve outcomes for underserved communities.

The Urban Institute’s Racial Equity Analytics Lab is hosting an invite-only virtual convening to bring together government officials, community stakeholders, and data analysts to overcome current data limitations and advance analyses and methodological approaches that enhance the federal government’s understanding of structural inequities. With the goal of assembling a “toolkit” to conduct equity assessments, this convening will build on existing efforts and identify rigorous methods of analysis that can withstand sustained scrutiny and are accessible across multiple agencies and contexts of application. Together both federal government officials and those who advise them can build the analytical power to accomplish these goals.




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Date & Time Friday, November 19, 2021